Our Vision

Christ-Glorifying Worship — We are a worshipping family of faith. Our desire is to worship our Savior in such a way that is intellectually and emotionally stimulating. Our worship centers on the preaching of God’s word, the singing of Psalms and Hymns, and the offering of prayers to the Lord. Our worship extends to every part of our lives.

Christ-Centered Community — We are a family. Following the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to build one another up in love, we seek to encourage one another’s spiritual growth through fellowship, service, stewardship, nurture and Christian Education. Our desire is to encourage, equip, and inspire all our brothers and si
sters to be the disciples of the Lord that he has called them to be.


Christ-Honoring Service — As a family of faith, we are committed to meeting the needs of our surrounding community. Through our ministries of mercy we seek to carry out the Lord Jesus’ command to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and house the homeless. We have been tremendously blessed in order that we may be a blessing to others. Therefore, our goal is to share God’s love by loving and caring for others.

Christ-Directed Outreach — We are a sharing congregation. We collectively pray that the Lord will give us hearts to serve him whenever and however. We are sensitive to our Lord’s calling upon our lives to go into the world and be witnesses of his glory. We greatly desire to share his love, grace and mercy with all people. Our passion is to tell others about the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.