Summer Psalms: Ascribing Glory To God — Psalm 29

God is great and worthy to be praise. In this beautiful psalm, David calls on the angels in heaven to join him in praising our great God who has demonstrated his glory in a majestic storm. Join us as we work our way through this magnificent poem.

Summer Psalms: Psalm 27

The Lord is our light and salvation. He is the sure foundation upon which we build our lives. Therefore, we shall not fear. He is the strong tower.

Going Home: The Passover Then and Now — Exodus 12:7-28

The Israelites participated in the Passover meal while in Egypt at God’s command. It signified his election of them as his people and their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. God met their needs just as he meets ours in Christ, our Passover Lamb. Join us as we see he grace and mercy of God in this first Passover.

Going Home: Nine Signs of Might — Exodus 11

The God of the Bible is a great and mighty God. He is the one and only Lord of Creation and God of the World. He is actively present in the world. And, He has all power to command creation to display His glory and might in the world. Join us as we talk about how great our wonderful God is!

Going Home: 9 Plagues and A Hard Heart — Exodus 11

In the book of Exodus, God visited 10 different plagues on Pharaoh and the Egyptians. Each of the fist nine plagues served as building action to prepare the Egyptians and Israelites for the ultimate conflict of the tenth — the killing of the firstborn sons. God intentionally hardened Pharaoh’s heart during these plagues, which is a puzzling thing for many of us. How does the Bible explain this reality, and what does it mean to us? Join us as we answer these questions.

Going Home: God is Sufficient to Use Ordinary People — Exodus 6

Our God is sufficient! He is sufficient for all things — sufficient for the living our lives. His sufficiency covers our personal inadequacies (Get. 17:1), overcomes our helplessness against overwhelming odds (Gen. 43:14), gives certainty to our uncertain future (Gen. 49:25), miraculously transforms our lives (Gen. 49:25), and delivers us from our enslavement to sin (Ex. 6:6). What a wonderful God He is!

Join us as we look at how sufficient He is to use ordinary people to accomplish His glorious purposes!