Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are you located in Chester?

We are located on the corner of Main and Wylie Street directly across from the Chester County War Memorial Building. The Church Office is located next door to the Church’s Educational building at 109 Wylie Street.

What time do you have Church?

Sunday School for adults and children of all ages begins at 9:45 am. Worship is located in the Sanctuary at 10:55 am. Wednesday evening fellowship begins at 6:00 pm for supper and then youth groups and adult Bible study starts at 6:45 pm.

Do I have to wear a suit to Church?

No. We want you to come to worship God regardless of your dress. We are community of faith joined in the headship of Christ and united in our worship of him. Just come and praise his name. We would love to have you.

What is your worship style?

We worship our Lord in a “traditional” manner. This does not mean boring. Our belief is that public worship should be orderly, interesting, and inspiring toward spiritual ideals and Christian service. We attempt to involve the total person through participation including your intellect, emotion, and will.

Are there any children in the Church?

There certainly are. The lord has blessed us with a number of young families. We have over 50 children under the age of seventeen in our congregation. Therefore, our ministries for children and youth are extremely active and growing. The Lord is using them mightily in the building of his kingdom here at Chester ARP.

What does Associate Reformed Presbyterian Stand for?

The answer to this question is three-fold. First, Associate refers to a group of Scottish christians lead by Ebeneezer and Ralph Erskine. Their primary passion was for the free offer of the Gospel to everyone regardless of creed, color, or sex. Second, Reformed refers to another group of Scottish christians called the Covenanters. These christians fought against the Scottish and English crowns for the Crown Rights of Christ. Christ alone was head and king of the Church, not a human king. In 1782, the Associate and Reformed Churches united in Pennsylvania. Third, Presbyterian refers to our form of church government that has its roots in Scripture and originally practiced in Geneva and Scotland. Our church is governed by a series of Church courts beginning with the Session (local Church), then the Presbytery (group of ministers and Elders from local congregations), and finally the Synod (all the ministers and Elders from the congregations of the denomination).

What is your Theological stance?

Our theological position is that of the traditionally conservative reformed faith. We affirm the inerrancy and infallibility of the Scriptures as they are the divinely inspired Word of God. We also believe in the Sovereignty of Almighty God, which he displays through his making, sustaining, and redeeming the world through his only Son Jesus Christ who was, and is, both God and man. We strongly adhere to the evangelical Gospel of Salvation in Christ alone. We believe Christ will return to establish his kingdom once and for all. Please see our beliefs page for further details on our theological position.